“Tęcza” and “Opoka” facilities operate as part of the Martin Luther Evangelical Centre for Diaconia and Education (ECDE). ECDE consists of a number of organizational units. Our foster children meet persons from other facilities on a daily basis: seniors – residents of the “Miłosierny Samarytanin” Nursing Home, pupils who learn in our schools, children from the Non-public School and Educational Centre or children who attend our “Wesołe Nutki” Nursery School. During our day-to-day upbringing work it enables us to teach them mindfulness and respect. They also benefit from cooperation between different facilities of the Centre: children from foster facilities and the Non-public School and Educational Centre meet during additional classes and events. Moreover, our foster children take part in “We read to seniors” and “We read to tiny tots” actions as part of the reading project called “I read therefore I am” executed in the school year 2015/2016.

Thanks to cooperation with “Neuromed” Neuropsychiatry Centre our foster children can benefit from comprehensive support of experienced and highly qualified specialists (neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists).
We truly appreciate the fact that we can always count on Your support. Thank you!

The Home of Positive Energy is an original idea of TAURON Group directed to twenty-four-hour educational care facilities (public and non-public) operating in the following provinces: dolnośląskie, opolskie, śląskie, małopolskie and podkarpackie.
The core idea of this initiative is to improve housing conditions among foster children living in children’s homes. Children who take part in this action prepare their own works that correspond with the motto of this year’s edition of the competition. Winners are awarded with prize money and the title of “The Home of Positive Energy”. The competition includes a number of events for children with many attractions and gifts.
“The Home of Positive Energy” is organized by: TAURON Polska Energia S.A., TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. i TAURON Foundation.
In 2009 foster children who lived in “Tęcza” facility won the main prize and the title of “Home with Positive Energy”. In 2012 children who lived in “Opoka” facility won special prize in the competition. The most important thing we want to say to our sponsors is: THANK YOU!
“Tratwa” (Raft) Association is a non-governmental organization aimed at reinforcing and activating operation of social organizations and revival of their cooperation with public administration.
“Tratwa” Association provides ongoing support for foster children living in our facilities and enables them to develop their passions, interests as well as emotional growth and preparation for independent life.